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Capturing different angle


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Mission Statement

Client: Kit Kat (nestle)

The mission domain here is to sell the product itself and to redesign their previous website. Hence, their USP has to be the core subject for the website. What the website has to offer are their varieties of products, their company profile/about us, their information and career, and contact us. From the aspects of the website provision, the vision will be to increase their sales products by at least 10%. Therefore the mission to achieve this is to increase the target consumer to actually access to the website to get more information. I believe that most consumer still remember their slogan of “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”. Therefore, the slogan will still remain. The current website is really too complex and as for user experience they might lose interest based on the loading time and dodgy images. As a result, the user might find it difficult to delve deeper into the site. So, the mission to solve the problem is to have a simpler and clean design. To accomplish an increase in sales, we have to study the local consumer culture. Based on a small scale of survey, mostly Malaysian consumer tends to see what is inside the packages before they buy the product itself. Therefore, the image of the product itself sells. Other aspect of Malaysian consumer behavior is price conscience. However, this aspect has to segment it to different target audience. For example, middle income earner might prefer a fancier snack product and they did not mind spending a little bit more. In addition, most Malaysian consumer prefer imported product, hence the packaging that reach the global standardized do sell. Same as the website, when the image of the website can reach the global standard, the viewer will tend to be more interested. How this can be achieved is to make the website more interactive.

Kit Kat stands out more when we compared it as a snack chocolate confectionery product. So, their target audiences are witty and fun, especially the teenager range. Hence, based on the interactive session, video for the commercial product will be a good place to start. Video of the commercial has to tell their target audiences that, Kit Kat is a globalize product and the consumer will have such a privilege with a minimum cost.


  • Increase the sales product
  • Increase the access of consumer to view the website
  • Remain the slogan to catch the consumer attention and to bring back nostalgic moment
  • Simplified and clean design
  • Uses images of the product itself to communicate with the consumer.
  • Localize based on consumer behavior to promote the product ~ Pay less gets more.
  • Video based commercial or animated commercial


  • Achieve a global standard for the website and become an icon of the local nation.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Competitors Analysis

Kit Kat (nestle)

Time Out (Cadbury)

Twix (Mars Inc)

Kinder Bueno (Ferrero)












Red, white and yellow

Blue, red and orange

Gold, red and white

White, dark orange, brown and light blue

Aisle in Hypermarket

Top shelf

Middle shelf

Top shelf

Bottom shelf






Type of chocolate

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate

Hazelnut and Milk chocolate

Other ingredients

Wafer biscuits

Wafer biscuit and flakes

Caramel and wafer biscuit

Wafer biscuit

Popularity among Malaysian (high, medium, low) (based on self survey)





Taste (based on personal point of view)

Sweet, chocolaty and not too milky

Very milky and the flakes tend to make the snack quite dry

The biscuit very soft and the caramel very sweet

Hazelnut chocolate make the whole snack bars very tasty but very sweet

The primary competitors for Kit Kat will be among the Cadbury “Time Out”, Mars Inc “Twix” and Ferrero “Kinder Bueno”. Among these three competitors, the most popular will be the “Time Out”. However, mostly Malaysian still prefers Kit Kat. Although Cadbury had been famous for its original milk chocolate, yet still when it comes to the snack bars, Kit Kat will be the first choice. Hence, we can see that the competitors trying to improvise the original wafer coated with milk chocolate with other ingredients, such as “Time Out” which inserted flakes, “Twix” combined with caramel flavor and “Kinder Bueno” using hazelnut chocolate. So their key differences from Kit Kat will be the ingredient. Consequently, from all the competitors, their promotion and marketing approach are using their key differences of unique selling point (their key ingredient) to differentiate themselves.

From the packaging point of view, Kit Kat definitely stands out more because of the striking red and convenient size. As general point of review, the design of a packaging is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of life. Consumers are definitely becoming more design conscious, demanding that goods are not only functional but are aesthetically pleasing. Lifestyles affect products and their packs, more people are eating on the move creating opportunities for chocolate bar-lines to compete in the snack market. Thus, comparison from all the competitors packaging, Kit Kat did a good job with their product picture snap shot in front of their packing which give a clearer meaning of what type of confectionery chocolate bar. Nevertheless, “Time Out” did a good job on their product name, because it straight forwardly telling the consumer that this is a snack bar. On the other hand, “Twix” packaging may be a bit dull and misleading, because their packing just have their product name and didn’t mention that what type of confectionery. On the same time, their gold packaging is not that appealing. As for “Kinder Bueno”, their packaging is interesting, in spite of this, the packaging is big and bulky compare with others.

From their marketing system, Cadbury tends to go towards the placement of their product. The key term will be “location, location, location”. Normally, their product will be placed on the middle shelf where it is the same eye level of most consumers (adults to teenagers). As for “Twix” they are not that concerned of their product placement, but their brand product of Mars Inc that carried all the way of recognition. Same as “Kinder Bueno”, they are not too concern on their product placement but their highly recognized brand of Ferraro that help to maintain their sales. While Kit Kat on the other hand, promote their product by inducing a lower price compare to the competitors. It might be from the reason of their manufactured ingredients which are mostly local that help them to lower down their price. This is their strength, because in the supply and demand mechanism, when the price is low, demand tends to go up (Who do not like cheaper price when it served the same purposes).


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dol-do Newest Edition

Classy Trio

Front ViewBack view.

Front View
Back View


Corporate website

1. Tabulated navigation system is a very good way to save space and easy to excess to the content straight forwardly. It is very good way to give lots of information in a very constraint area.

2. A rollover effect that served as a purpose of sub-navigation is a clever idea to bullet out each point to link to and show out information.

3. Sandbox is a new way to connect with the user, where survey was conducted in another window and always value customer opinion not just based on their product but their interface user friendliness. They even provide login user system which might make the user more like a part of them.

1. Possibility it can be 3 columns or 4 columns division of content.

2. A big space to fill in the content. Though inconvenient to scroll all the way down, to me information based here is very important. Hence, it is alright.

3. Definitely a 4 columns division of content. A well planned organizing with sub-navigation on the side. (Easy to understand and easy to excess.)

4. Big space to write the contents, but unfortunately the indication on which page you are in now is only viewable on the tab icon of title. It would be even better if the indication can be placed within the navigation icon to indicate which page you are in, or a big title on the content.

1. Blank space. Not well planned for the screen size.

2. Misleading pictures. It is neither icons of navigation nor served as a purpose of selling point. To me, if I am a first time user, this type of pictures are somehow clickable, hence it lead to misleading.

3. Rollover effect which the fonts changed its colour and blinking arrow. However, for the bigger size of content on the left hand side, it does not link to anywhere though it does not has the effect on the fonts changed its colour, only the blinking arrow.

4. 2 homes icons. It is unnecessarily. Nonetheless, the corporate logo placement on the top left of the website, to me, is an ideal placement.

5. Sadly to say that the sub navigation which contain the most important issue had been place on the second rank/level in the placement. Normally it will on the very top list. In addition, the top list is place with “Frequently asked questions”, which I think would be best on the lowest list after the most important issues had been clarified.

6. A cheesy flash animation. In my opinion, the size is too big and should give the space for the content area, which is the most important for any corporate website.

7. A repetition on icon clickable similar to bullet point 4. “Free Wallpaper”, 3 clickable icons on the same page is unnecessarily.

8. Space wise that the top will be given a bigger area so that the i-frame will be unnecessarily, or just to set out the priority on the main focus.


Identity for corporate website, in my opinion, is to serve as a purpose on giving out information of a certain company and to communicate with the stakeholders/shareholders. Therefore, the main focus for a corporate website is their information. Linda Volkers, a consultant at “Jungle Rating” who is responsible for online communication projects and is specialized in communication strategy, organizational advice and online financial communication, mentioned that, “….getting into an online active dialogue with stakeholders”, is the key role to play in corporate website. [1] However, for my personal experiences while browsing through Yakult site, I felt a bit lost and not too much information that I need to know to invest in it. On the other hand, contrary to the information to invest, introducing the company itself in this site had done a tremendous good job. The whole process of how the yakult was made from, and history of the company had been explained with full details and simple to understand.

As for McDonald, it has a very straight forward grid system, and to my opinion it is a good thing, as in corporate website, hierarchy and easy excess to the information is really important.

The content based had been divided into either 3 or 4 columns which to me is a very neat layout. The spacing given to fill out the information is very straight forward and it is easy to link to the related pages for the viewer to explore.

There is a slight imperfection, which had been mentioned on the bullet point above, the indication of which page the viewer is in now.

Overall, a very good information based either in introducing the company, or sharing out information about their company profile, or even their events and news.

Lastly, IBM also has a very straight forward grid system, and to my opinion it is a good thing, as in corporate website, hierarchy and easy excess to the information is really important.

The focus point on this website is their USP (Unique selling point), which is in the middle part with the biggest portion. Together with their catchiest title attention, viewer a bound to check it out more.

Overall, very good information based either in introducing the company, or sharing out information about their company profile, or even their events and news. Addition to that, they cleverly make used of every single space to present their information and it does not seem too crowded.


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2007 2nd Year 2nd Term

Typo Wallpaper (Less is More)

Typo storyboard (BreadTalk)

Typo SOS (Structure of Something)

Visual Fundamental 2




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