Friday, February 13, 2009

Experiencing in IF

Working in IF is definitely a surprise for me. Never expect that I will be chosen to be an intern in IF. More surprisingly, it is one of hardest to achieve in their demand. (Well what do you expect in working environment). The fun part while working with IF is to stay up late for hours and hours to just come out an interface design which we have been planning and discussing for the past 5 weeks. For sure life is tough, but my expectation in working life is far more different from what I've expected. Firstly, it is not like what we saw on TV where lots of drama happen and though I presume there are some companies like that, but hey not IF though. Secondly, yeah for sure I know there will be OT all the time but never expect the OT will be like until 5am...Is just like we are rushing for our last minutes assignment...Well anyway, here are some photos that we have taken during our meeting and discussion. ENJOY!!!


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