Thursday, July 17, 2008


Something has left my life
And I don’t know where it went to
Somebody caused me strife
And it’s not what I was seeking.

Didn’t you see me, didn’t you hear me
Didn’t you see me standing there

Why did you turn out the lights
Did you know that I was sleeping

Say a prayer for me
Help to feel the strength I did
My identity has been taken
Is my heart breaking on me

All my plans fell though my hands
They fell
Though my hands on me
In my obvious it suddenly seems


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One of my fav picture. James Franco, an excellent actor that portray well on James Dean. I've watched this movie a dozen of time and I have to shout out loud that it is really brilliant. Though the movie only tell the story of James Dean in a very brief version, still it covered pretty well of the overall.

I'm a very 'kolot' person. I love to watch all those old movies. I'm an old timer and love the nostalgic feeling. Sometimes I felt like I've experience the lifestyle before during the era when I watch all those old movie. That is why I love all those old movies.


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