Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fifth Website First Assignment

This website is interesting due to its animation character, icons and
avatars. However, to me, the fonts and the bottom layer is not
that suitable for this site. It looks like somehow quite serious
with the fonts and arrangement of the bottom layer. To me,
I think the dominant color of black also not as suitable to describe
a cartoon game website. The different usage of fonts also make the
combination out of match. Though the layout system remind its
consistency, yet the combination still not that match as well as the color
combination is not match. I know there are many colors involved
but, it can be better such as without the bottom layer to layer out
the title. It can make it as a logo and put it at the top left side of bottom
right side. It will better as to the whole site using the background only
and don't have the bottom black layer to put all the navigations in a row.
Instead, the site can be as a hidden navigation as for the audience to
explore, since this website target audience is more of the teenage
range where they are more adventurous and with their
experience on the game sure will find a way to play around
with the navigation layout.


Fourth Website First Assignment

This is a very interesting website, it is about a print designer.
Using the middle circle as the scrolling system and the way
they play with the icons for back, click and etc, are seriously
interesting. Though some of the icons still sticked to the
traditional symbol, which I think is universal friendly, had
wisely placed onto the website to make the overall website
looks clean, neat and simple. It is not those very typical
website where mostly store all the information into one
pages, this website put it with different pages which each
had been given a title. It is very good of how user friendly
of this website is, and the interactive icons had make it
even more adventurous. Overall I really like this
website a lot of it's simplicity, space wise and color
combination that sooth the eyes.



Third Website First Assignment

Beautiful illustration and the animated icons (boat with wheel and balloon)
make this website really interesting. Though it is an understandable
what is this website about because the title had been given
within the very introduction page. However, it will be even
better if a title had been given to each pages.
Wise used of limited spaces and making the whole
environment not too crowded. Yet there is
a tiny flaw. The sub navigation on top using
the pictures icons some had been blocked by the
the angels that hold up the picture in a bigger view.
Still, overall the consistency is still there and the grid system
of this website had maintained. One thing I really like
about this website, not just the illustration, but also the
loading time. While the pictures on the sub navigations are still
uploading, you still can view the pictures on the same time.
This indeed make the audience whom have no patience
more convenient.



Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Second Website First Assignment

Though this website portrayed Billie Holiday well, the contents
and arrangement are too much. I know the reasons of flowing
out all the information as to this website is all about the life
and bibliography of an artist and so nothing should be
missing out. Still, I think it is too clutter, and will prefer
if the idea of just filling everything in one whole pages
instead of scrolling it up and down which is too
inconvenient. Either this site can use another window
that appear on the same page but the scrolling is within the box.
Hence the view will be just within the box to get all

Billie Holiday


First Website First Assignment

The simplicity was the key role of this web pages.
The dominant color is obviously black and the complementary
color are blue, white and red.
From here, I've learned that the grid system for this web
pages is very simple and though the consistency
is there and repeat on the same time, still
the way they cover line it through the arrangement
system of their icons and details had constantly changing.
For example, not just keeping the picture
in all the same position, it changes
throughout the time and some content it divided
into different division instead of putting it as sub navigation.
The margin, gave the audience a space to
breath as it leave out a big space for a better eye sight.
This website kept its simplicity of using mostly picture to scream
out the idea of what the information are about. Overall
to some might seems kind of boring layout, and I do agree
that it is not adventure enough to keep everyone
attention. However, bear in mind that this
website is dedicated to a serious profession photographer, and
it certainly describe him well.



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